Special FX Hire

We at Club Entertainment can provide you with the biggest range of special fx and event props: Foam Canons, Lasers, Sky Trackers, Projectors, UV, Intelligent Lighting Rigs

Foam Cannon Hire with Trained Operator:

This is a top quality cannon that uses is own brand high quality fluid for foam generation. The residue on the dancefloor is minimal when using our combination of cannon and fluid.

We will not be beaten on price for the level of product and service we provide. We carry out a pre-inspection trip to your venue the week before the event takes place. This is to ensure maximum success for your event.

On the night of the event our operator arrives at the venue at least one hour before opening. He stays with the cannon the entire night until the music ceases. We use 5 gallons of fluid over the course of the night, operating the cannon periodically for 2 to 5 minute intervals, depending on crowd reaction etc!

Our foam is a dry foam and you will not feel cold or wet. It will actually keep you warm! The solution used in our foam machines is non-toxic, biodegradable, and is 90 % air and the rest is water and solution. Our foam solution and has been chemically tested to be hypoallergenic.

Laser Hire: We can install a Laser suitable for your club for either a one-off night or Long-Term Hire.

Sky Tracker: This is a great gimmic for Launch Nights, Theme Weekends of just a Long Term Boost to your Venue.

Snow/Smoke/Haze/ Bubble machines: Short or Long term Hire.

Sound/ Lighting Systems: We can install a part or complete rig in your venue for long term hire and improve your cash flow.

Projector & Large Screen Hire : Can be supplied with or without visuals

16ft Air Dancers: Can be hired to attract attention to your event or venue.

Portable Dance Podiums: We can supply these together with our Dancers.

Moving Heads : 150w, 250w, 575w. These can be hired with operator for a one off event or long term hire.

Pyrotechnics/CO2 Jets

Pioneers CDs: cdj 900′s, cdj 2000′s, cdj 800′s mk2,cdj 1000′s mk3: Are yours gone for repair or need an upgrade?